The Holy Spirit Center for Missions
The Center ensures human social and medical services, was founded by Brother Nour in 1986 to assist whoever needs help without any discrimination based on color, religion or identity and is located in Zouk Mikael, Merhej Building.
In its beginnings, it was supervised and managed by Br. Nour and a group of volunteers.
Each one of them has a special task. Some are part of the management team; others work in the field and especially during the last years of war.
The 1st founding period encompassed:
  1. Ensuring supplies for clinics, following up and providing them with all their requisites.
  2. Visiting and helping the displaced people, providing them with food and necessities.
  3. Distribution of medicines and clothes.
Nowadays the center takes care of the following issues:
First: Visiting the elderly people and providing them with medicines, food and life assistance.
Second: Ensuring milk and diapers monthly for the children in need.
The center's activities include:
  1. Receiving clothes for all ages and categories; sorting, packing and distributing clothes daily for whoever comes to the center asking for help.
  2. Receiving job applications for those registered with us asking for job opportunities.
  3. Distributing packed shares of food twice a year, in addition to financial aids when benefactors are ready.
  4. Offering social and urgent services including aids, instructions and orienting the required needs to the specialized associations, institutions and schools especially the girls, women with special conditions, the children needing specialized schools and the elderly needing a home.
  5. Hospital services: with the cooperation of a group of physicians offering free examination, laboratories making semi-free tests and hospitals facilitating the administrative transactions and making the possible cost reduction to our brothers, the patients.
  6. The center has medical supplies such as: Stretcher Chairs, Medical mobile beds, walkers... and they are borrowed in urgencies.
  7. Blood donation in urgent cases.
This association aimed at reducing the suffering of the poor.
For More information please contact Mme Laudy Saadeh 09-215636
The Light of the World Association
The Association was established in February 28th, 2004 at Dora, Tabbara Building- 6th floor.
The association aims at:
  1. Serving the Christian media mission.
  2. Supporting the Christian media path.
  3. Transmitting the Christian media mission through all media means.
  4. Establishing an interfaith dialogue and openness to all religions.
  5. Supporting the developmental projects through media coverage.
  6. Making awareness conferences and symposiums in addition to media campaigns.
The achievements fulfilled by the association include the equipment of a pharmacy, dental and medical clinics.
The medical clinic receives patients on a daily basis from 8ham till 2hpm and ensures clinical examination and diagnosis, lab tests, and medicines that are granted by the Ministry of Health for free and that are unavailable at nominal prices.

On the human level, the Light of the World Association has documents of families for whoever visits the dispensary for medical services, allowing the poor families to benefit from regular food aids according to the association's available grants.
The Children of the Church Group

The group was founded in the beginning of the 1980s by Br. Nour, and a group of intellectuals and volunteers. At that time, it was called the Children of the Church Group to preserve morals, believing in the following quote: "No morals, no nations".

Thus, this group aims at saving some concepts and values that began to disappear during the war, considering morals the only way to save humanity and then the homelands. The group claimed the Human Rights through intellectual activities such as conventions and symposiums asking for the triumph of truth, values and renouncing violence notably the Convention of Our Lady of the Well and others.

In parallel to the cultural, intellectual and educational issues, the group believed that it is important to discuss the causes and resolve them. You can't contribute to the intellectual growth of the hungry and dictate your theories to the needy people. First, consider deeply the human cause and search for solutions through human acts.

In June 16th 1993, the group became the official association "the Children of the Church Group" in Dora - Beirut.

Its activities include nowadays:
  1. A restaurant providing food for the poor.
  2. A club receiving the elderly and providing them with entertainment and good fellowship.
Goals and Objectives
It has an apostolic, human, educational goal through:
  1. Spreading the Word of God, the celestial teachings calling to know, love and serve God.
  2. Boosting the interfaith dialogue and among the spiritual families in the Lebanon.
  3. Generalizing the sublime values such as forgiveness, tolerance, openness and promoting fraternity and solidarity among people.
  4. Applying these values though pastoral, social, cultural, educational and health activities held or supported by the association.
  5. Calling all citizens to share these values with the group's members through different media means that the association may own or adopt according to the provisions and systems and through other ways of communications such as encounters, newscasts, symposiums, seminars, and conferences, etc.
  6. Cooperating with the spiritual leaders and the ecclesiastical and civil authorities in order to achieve the required mission to serve people with comprehensive human charity.
For more information please contact Mr. Samer About Arraj 01-240280 or 01-240290
Joy of Heaven Association

Drug addiction becomes nowadays a dangerous phenomenon because of world, regional and local conditions. Besides, a new and quick development took place during the last years. This phenomenon has been spread among all categories and also among different ages.

What is new also is the increasing drug crimes either taking or promoting drugs among women and children as well. It has been noticed that the addicted or user of narcotic substances begins to take drugs at a lower age, less than 9 years old making risky the life of children.

A study on the addicted in the treatment centers revealed that the addiction phenomenon's expansion is very hard to identify because of its privacy. Addiction affects those under 20, and the youth ranging between 20 and 40 years old and is spread among those making handicrafts, working in the services sector, drivers and students.

Thus "Joy of Heaven" Association was established in Moaysra- Nahr Ibrahim and aims to: help the addicted, neglected and suffering youth, the disabled, the elderly people, the prisoners and the minor beggars to get out of Satan's trap, perceive the light of God and regain their natural and social life.

Faith, love, mercy and justice are the main rules of all rehabilitation and service stages. Living within the community for a period of time aims mainly to overcome problems especially addiction. Nothing is impossible when there are good will and firm determination.

Therefore, the beginning was with "the Village of Man" Center which objectives consist of awareness and rehabilitation of the drug addicted. All started with a small tent at Moaysra- Nahr Ibrahim on February 17th, 2008 with one addicted.

The association was notified in March 27th 2008 and our family grew. Beginning in a small tent, we have today several homes thanks to the faith of the association's founders and benefactors. We have received till date about 215 persons in the center. Some were graduated after completing the whole program, others left without finishing it and the rest of them are still subjected to treatment. The center was inaugurated under the auspices of the Lebanese President General Michel Suleiman in the World Day against Drug Addiction in June 26th 2008.

Length of Treatment
The treatment lasts 12 months that can be prolonged according to the response of the young addicted to the program We count first on faith, love, sacrifice, prayer, acceptance of others, mortification, service and work. Certainly time is not the only factor taken into consideration but there are also the progress of the addicted in the process of rehabilitation and the evaluation of the work team.

Prayers, masses, adoration, spiritual gatherings, weekly rehabilitation meetings, sports, music, painting, reading, viewing cultural and entertaining films, work in farming, in addition to various entertaining activities (camps, theatre, cinema).

For More information please contact Father Majdi Allawi 03-127347