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  • For USA call:
    Dish 1-888-262-2563
    Reach Media 1-888-458-1278
  • For Canada call:
    Reach Media 1-888-458-1278
  • For Australia call:
    Mysat 1-800-700-506

Middle East, North Africa and Europe - HotBird 4
Orbital Location: 13°E
Downlink Frequency: 10949
Downlink Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.5 M S/S
Fec: 3/4
Tel: 961-1-254501/2/3

Middle East, North Africa and Europe - NILESAT Atlantic Bird 7 (AB7)
Orbital Location: 7°W
Transponder: 8
Downink Frequency : 11353.51
Downlink Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.500
Fec: 5/6
Tel: 961-1-254501/2/3

North America- Echostar
Dish Network
USA: 1-800-984-3388
Canada: 1-514-636-3444

South America - Pas 9
Multipole International

Far East, Australia & New Zealand - Pas 8
World Media International

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About TELE LUMIERE & NOURSAT Tele Lumiere and Noursat programs are the fruits that show the tree; they focus on one program and goal: the human being of all classes, ages, locations and levels. Tele Lumiere & Noursat does not content with programs limited in a certain frame, but rather struggles with men for the sake of their human rights; it highlights the plights they go through, then takes initiatives and leads campaigns to attain peace and justice and teach the sons of the earth to implement the values of heaven.
The Programs are rich and open to all religions; they reflect the conviction of station’s supervisors that love is built on knowledge, and immunize men against rigor, angor and isolation. Tele Lumiere and Noursat believe that the land, every land, is sacred, especially the land that has signs of belief. That is the reason why one of its first priorities is the programs that consolidate the relationship between the people of this East with their land and the symbols of their faith.
About 80% of the programs are produced internally, ranging from spiritual guidance, documentaries, lives of saints, religious education, testimonies, social and religious programs, daily Masses, debates that deal with the cultural, social, educational, spiritual and many other aspects of life, in addition to the coverage of the local and international Church news.
Tele Lumiere & Noursat produced programs to fight violence, abortion, pornography and the death penalty and some of them win international awards under the auspices of the United Nations.
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